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How to Win Business Grants with the Grant Lady Danita Doleman S6 Ep. 7

My guest is known as the Grant Lady. If you want to learn how to win grants for your business or nonprofit, break out your notebook and pen, tablet, or the notes app on your phone, sit in a quiet place and listen. Oh, and you can write a review and thank me later!

Danita C. Doleman has over 20 years of business experience and grants consulting. Recognizing the struggle that business owners face when it comes to applying for grants she created Grants4Biz to make that part of life simpler. Lets face it: running a small business isnt easy. Throughout her career, shes helped many nonprofit organizations, commercial organizations, and small business owners connect with grant opportunities.

In this episode youll learn:

  • The first 5 steps to getting grant money for your business or organization

  • The different types of grants that exist

  • The 3 most important things business owners should know about grants

  • The 5 most important things nonprofits should know about grants

  • The most common misconceptions about grants; and

  • The 5 most important things to do to successfully win grants for a business or nonprofit.

Key Takeaways:

Common misconceptions grantseekers have about grants

  • That they are eligible for everything

  • Grants are easy to get

Key things to know about grants:

  • Some grants have lengthy reporting requirements, especially for government grants)

  • Grants can be audited so accurate good records

  • Grants can be terminated or revoked if you dont comply with the conditions of use and grant awardees can be asked to return grant funds or assets purchased with grant funds

  • Grant awardees might be asked to return cash on hand or unspent funds at the closeout of grant

3 Things to consider below applying for grants:

  1. Do you meet the eligibility criteria, are you qualified to apply for that grant?

  2. Will you be able to convince the grant reviewer that you are a capable and good candidate to receive the grant award?

  3. Are you willing to commit to the time some grant applications take to prepare?

5 things successful applicants do to win grants:

  1. Read grant eligibility criteria to ensure that you qualify to apply for the grant

  2. Never submit a grant application the date its due. Prepare and submit your grant application ahead of the deadline if possible

  3. Establish strong quality control for your final submission to ensure you submit an application that is complete and compelling

  4. Craft a compelling story not just of need but of the intended outcomes that money will have on your ability to serve your customers

  5. Write a detailed budget narrative

Guest Info:

Business IG: @grants4biz

Email: dcoleman@seapartners.com

Website: grants4biz.com

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