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How I Bootstrapped a Luxury Jet Business with Michael Darko S7 Ep. 6

Michael Darko is the founder & CEO of Farringdon Jets, The Worlds Most

Security Focused Jet Charter Company. After becoming familiar with the needs of High- and Ultra-High-Net-Worth-Individuals through his international career in property and offshore wealth management, Michael decided to merge his experience and network with his lifelong passion for aviation to launch Farringdon Jets, a luxury charter jet service that fills the need in the market by prioritizing safety and security for its clients not just in the air but on the ground too.

In this episode youll learn:

  • How he bootstrap a successful charter jet company; and

  • Why he is looking to raise funds for the next stage of his travel venture.

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Learn more about Michael:



Email: michael@fardingtonjets.com

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