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Changing the Funding Ecosystem for Afropreneurs with Fernando Cabral S6 Ep. 12

If you are an early-stage Black founder, keep listening to learn how to survive your first 24 months as a startup entrepreneur.

Fernando Cabral is the co-founder of Djassi Africa, which invests in African tech-enabled startups and ecosystem builders by providing world-class expertise, operational support, and access to a global network to help these startups build the future of Africa.

In this episode youll learn:

  • How Djassi Africa is empowering African and Afro-descendent founders and supporting entrepreneurship ecosystem builders

  • How hes working to change the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Portugal for Black founders through the Afropreneur initiative; and

  • How to survive your first 24 months as a Black founder

Learn more about Fernando here:

Fernando Cabral

Founder & Managing Director | FS-360

Chief Venture Growth | Djassi Africa

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fjcabral/



Afropreneurs.pt: https://www.afropreneurs.pt/

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