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6 Characteristics of a Valued Business with Kevin Valley S6 Ep. 6

How do you know if you are building a business that is valued or investible? Keep listening to learn the 6 criteria for building a valuable business from Kevin Valley, host of The Value podcast who is helping entrepreneurs structure and grow successful businesses that can attract investment.

Kevin Valley is incredibly passionate about the development of entrepreneurs building valuable businesses. He is a consultant who specializes in helping businesses demonstrate their value and raise capital. Defensibility is everything as Kevin often states that unless a valuation can withstand intense scrutiny - it is just a number As a qualified Chartered Business Valuator who has spent over 13 years evaluating companies for debt and equity investment, Kevin understands how to add value by bringing a wealth of experience, tenacity, and unbiased insight to business owners and investors alike. Kevin is the Founder of Become Investible, a Partner at Aspire Fund Management, and Host of The Value Podcast.

In this episode youll learn:

  • What it means to structure and lead a valuable business.

The fundamental concepts of value are based on growth and risk.

The Six Characteristics of a Valued Business:

V- visionary leadership - can your business survive without you?

A- active cash flows - are you cashflow positive?

L- long-term mindset- a company with a plan is worth more than a company without one.

U- useful to investors - are you ready to pitch investors?

E- efficient operations - the backbone of your business

D- defensible competitive advantage - what sets your business apart?

A valued business framework download.

4 Thing to Do Before Courting Investors, take time to:

  • get a plan together,

  • make sure you are hiring the right people,

  • building a great culture, and

  • document your procedures so that your business is not solely reliant on you. If you cant take a vacation from your business then you dont own a business, you own a job.

Fill out the valued scorecard here: https://businessvalue.scoreapp.com/. Reach out to Kevin to help you structure a valued business.

Learn more about Kevin here:

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevinvalley/ and https://kevinvalue.com/

The Value Podcast: https://thevalue.show/

Link to How to Raise Entrepreneurial Kids mentioned in the episode.

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