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Friday, June 23, 2023 How to Collaborate to Compete

Collaboration As A Success StrategyCollaboration plays a crucial role in various aspects of life, including business and personal relationships. In the milestone episode of S7 Ep. 9, which was a look...

Friday, May 26, 2023 Go Where You Are Celebrated, Not Tolerated

Go Where You Are Celebrated, Not Tolerated Less than 10% of all venture capital deals go to women, people of color, and LGBTI+ founders.Traditional VCs see this as a pipeline problem but the truth is,...

Tuesday, May 23, 2023 5 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do

Entrepreneurship can sometimes be lonely, difficult and exhausting. If you are an entrepreneur, you know this to be true in part or in whole. But, it does no...

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About The Show

The WHERE’S THE FUNDING? podcast demystifies entrepreneurship and the fog around funding for Black and other underserved entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs share their entrepreneurship journeys, fundraising experiences, and success connecting to capital to inform, motivate, and inspire other entrepreneurs on a similar journey. 

WTF? also features interviews with investors, people who work in corporate philanthropy, grant-making, marketing, and public relations (PR). 

Guests include investors like:

Arlan Hamilton, Founder of Backstage Capital, a $20M venture capital firm dedicated to minimizing funding disparities in tech by investing in high-potential founders of color, women, and/or LGBT and the author of It’s About Damn Time: How to Turn Being Underestimated into Your Greatest Advantage.

Danielle Shoots, the Managing Partner and Managing Director of the $50M equity  venture capital New Community Transformation Fund for BIPOC founders in Denver, Colorado and President and CEO of Wealth Equity Enterprises, which owns several businesses that support the mission of building BIPOC wealth. 

Omi Bell, named one of the Top 100 Powerful Women in Business by Entrepreneur Mag and Founder of Black Girl Ventures, a social enterprise that creates access to social and financial capital for Black and Brown women founders. 

Ada Osakwe, a Nigerian economist, entrepreneur, corporate executive, Forbes African Business Woman of the Year 2021 and Founder and CEO of Agrolay Ventures, an agribusiness investment company, which invests in African agricultural food-related companies; and many others!

When listeners tap play they leave with practical strategies, tips and actionable advice for securing funding, insights into successful fundraising strategies, guidance on navigating the funding landscape, building resilience as an entrepreneur and marketing and PR strategies to get your business seen, attract customers and generate revenues!



on 5/7/2023

Just finished listening to S4E7. Another great episode Michelle J. McKenzie. Learnt a few fascinating facts as well. Kudos to Nick Davis for having the courage to leave his professional job in journal...

on 5/7/2023

Simple and direct advice! The depth and breadth of voices, sectors and strategies this podcast provides makes it so useful to the entrepreneurial community

on 9/10/2022

If you're looking to get a real world, no-nonsense perspective on business funding and entrepreneurship, then this podcast is for you. Michelle does an excellent job of engaging her guests and getting...

view on Apple Podcasts
on 9/1/2022

Well done Michelle. This is really good stuff. Very informative. I love how you get to the root of the matter and make it so doable and accessible to small entrepreneurs like me.

view on Apple Podcasts
on 8/31/2022

I enjoy listening to Michelle’s podcast because I learn something new with every guest. It also gives me the real world facts and figures. Funding a business is not simple, it’s not like I have a drea...

view on Apple Podcasts
on 8/28/2022

I love this podcast! Michelle showcases some amazing entrepreneurs dedicated to funding and scaling exciting businesses on the continent. She opens a door that many don’t know exists. I also like how ...

view on Apple Podcasts
on 8/28/2022

Thank you Michelle for giving Kaneshie Market the opportunity to be on your show. This was a great exposure as a new small business owner. I am looking forward to have another wonderful episode with y...

view on Apple Podcasts
on 8/27/2022

Michelle, Thank you for bringing entrepreneurs and their journeys to thirsty audiences! Your passion combined with your guests journey drive the message home! Thank you!

view on Apple Podcasts
on 8/19/2022

At times the journey of a solopreneur can be so lonely and overwhelming. Many times the next step is not clear enough or the obstacles seems so momentous that you think throwing in the towel might be ...

view on Apple Podcasts
on 8/19/2022

WHERE’S THE FUNDING? Podcast is an earful of resourceful information for those who want to start a business and those who are already in a business looking for ways to grow and find funding. Michelle ...

view on Apple Podcasts
on 8/19/2022

Absolutely one of the best podcast for people who are interested in venturing into entrepreneurs. The content is excellent and so relative. Not one episode has been disappointed. I highly recommend it...

view on Apple Podcasts
on 8/18/2022

Michelle does her homework. As a result the conversations she has with her guests go quite deep. This makes for great listening, but it also makes for wonderful conversations between Michelle and her...

view on Apple Podcasts
on 5/31/2021

The Where’s The Funding Podcast is a great resource for founders and investors alike. Super informative. Every episode has its own unique value.

view on Apple Podcasts
on 11/27/2020

Super amazing podcast with the best host!! Highly highly recommended!!

view on Apple Podcasts
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